DAY 1 will specifically tackle cybersecurity-related risks. DAY 2 will look at how boards respond to the broader range of emerging business risks and guide their organizations in a time of unprecedented uncertainty.   


April 7, 2021

Cyber has quickly become the global threat that knows no borders, nor does it distinguish between the public and private sectors. As digital transformation accelerates at warp speed — from 5G, the Internet of Things, advances in quantum computing that put our encryption at risk to other emerging technologies — it’s imperative for companies to elevate digital risk beyond just a siloed focus into their holistic enterprise risk processes. We will share how to companies can establish a new narrative that changes the focus on yesterday’s problems and infrastructure vulnerabilities into a forward-thinking, growth-oriented conversation.

Featured Speaker:

  • Moderator: Catherine Allen, Former Board Member, El Paso Electric Co. and Synovus Financial; Chairman of the Board, The Santa Fe Group

The amount of data produced today is staggering, and companies are racing to capitalize on the opportunities that come with it. From a data and privacy perspective, boards are wrestling with understanding not only what is legal but also what is ethical and aligns with the company’s brand. This panel will help you assess your organization’s data strategy and data privacy risks and, in turn, establish privacy capabilities that not only meet the new regulatory future but earns the goodwill of customers.

Featured Speaker:

  • Myrna Soto, Board Member, CMS Energy, Spirit Airlines and Popular Inc.; Chief Strategy and Trust Officer, Forcepoint

The harm caused by ransomware in 2019 was measured at 11.5 billion USD worldwide and is expected to grow to 20 trillion USD in 2021. The 2018 ransomware attack on Atlanta is considered the largest, most expensive cyber disruption in city government to date. The incident cost Atlanta more than $12,000,000. This case study will offer valuable lessons learned and tips for organizations to combat increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks. Learn the key questions you should be asking your security team about their strategy to create a cyber-aware culture.

Always an attendee favorite, we’ll sit down with a panel of experienced Chief Information Security Officers to share what they wish the board knew—from staying out of the weeds and making sense of analytics to IoT security and supply chain partner considerations. Hear from the frontline the most critical questions your board should be asking about the company’s cybersecurity strategies.

Featured Speakers:

  • Niall Browne, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Palo Alto Networks
  • Dawn Cappelli, VP, Global Security and Chief Information Security Officer, Rockwell Automation
  • The Role of A.I., Machine Learning & Blockchain in Cybersecurity 
  • Supply Chain Cybersecurity Risks – Do You Know Your Vulnerabilities?  
  • Cyberinsurance 101 
  • Business Continuity in the Wake of a Cyber Breach
  • A Menace in Your Inbox – Protecting Your Emails
  • CFO Roundtable
  • General Counsel Roundtable  


April 8, 2021

From the battlefield to the corner office, today’s leaders and their teams must confidently brave the unknown. Jacoby and Tilman will present a roadmap to help you take advantage of the unprecedented possibilities to dominate change instead of being dominated by it.

Featured Speakers:

  • General (Ret.) Charles H. Jacoby Jr., Fifth Commander of United States Northern Command and the 22nd Commander of North American Aerospace Defense Command
  • Leo Tilman, Co-Author (with General Jacoby), Agility: How to Navigate the Unknown and Seize Opportunity in a World of Disruption

One thing is certain coming out of 2020: the global pandemic and recession will be followed by new and unexpected challenges and opportunities in the years to come. This interactive session will feature a realistic private sector scenario that will challenge participants’ strategic and tactical agility and will play out on SimulationDeck, the crisis exercise and war gaming platform used by the US Government, the US Military and a growing number of Fortune 500 companies.

Join us as Leo Tilman, General Chuck Jacoby, and SimulationDeck’s co-creator Jim Chesnutt facilitate an abbreviated Agility war game on SimulationDeck. This will be a hands-on, interactive experience where the group’s decisions, actions (and in-actions) will play out within a unique and realistic virtual environment.

Featured Speaker:

  • Jim Chesnutt, former FEMA National Emergency Response Team member, Co-Founder, Nusura, Inc.; Senior Advisor to Tilman & Company

From sophisticated activist investors and NGOs to online campaigns and citizen journalists, no organization these days is immune from crisis. Most aren’t good at anticipating the “canary in the coal mine” and instead play Whack-a-Mole, responding to the symptoms not the cause. Companies are accustomed to reacting to a crisis but crisis now operates at the speed of light, leaving little time for reaction, only anticipation and preparation. So what do companies do? Join us to find out.

Featured Speaker:

  • Richard Levick, Chairman and CEO, LEVICK

With the growing number of risks facing today’s boards, what is the best way to approach risk oversight in the boardroom? Where do different non-financial risks belong—the audit committee, the governance committee? What are the pros and cons of a separate risk committee? This panel of veteran board members will share their lessons learned and unique perspectives on the different structures and processes their boards use to prioritize and monitor risks to get—and stay—ahead.

Featured Speakers:

  • Agnes Bundy Scanlon, Board Member, Truist Financial Corp., New Tower Trust Co. and AppFolio; Former Northeast Regional Director of Supervision Examinations, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 
  • Joseph Prochaska, Jr., Board Member, Synovus Financial Corp.
  • The Cascading Considerations of Environmental Risks
  • Board Oversight of Human Capital Risks
  • Monitoring Geopolitical Risks of Dispersed Suppliers and Third-Party Vendors
  • Risk and Redefining the CFO and Board Relationship