Director Fundamentals

Online Training Course & Guide

Director Fundamentals Guide

A comprehensive guide on the role of the public company director


The fiduciary duties that directors owe to shareholders constitute the centerpiece of U.S. corporate governance and provide a foundation of strength, confidence and reliance on the modern capital market system. Directors must assume these responsibilities with clarity and a full understanding of the legal and regulatory framework and the ethical principles that underpin an increasingly complex corporate environment.

The first guide developed for the Director Fundamentals Knowledge Center provides an overview of these principals to assist new directors during the onboarding process as well as a periodic refresher for current or longstanding directors. The Director Fundamentals Guide consists of the following sections:

  • Role of the Director
  • Board Structure & Operations
  • Compliance
  • Disclosures & Reporting
  • Boards & Shareholder Engagement

Director Fundamentals Training Course

Apply knowledge of topics to real life boardroom scenarios


After reading the Director Fundamentals Guide, directors can test their knowledge of fundamental topics by completing a series of scenario-based exercises derived from key learning objectives identified through out the guide content.

The training course consists of the following modules:

  • Board Structure & Function
  • Roles & Responsibilites
  • Fiduciary Duties & Liability
  • Disclosures & Reporting
  • Shareholder Meetings

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Online Training Course Functionality


User-friendly and easy to access.

Online training courses are launched via direct URL. No additional login or LMS required.


Comprehensive and concise.

Learning objectives are developed from important concepts covered in corresponding training guides. Courses typically take 30 to 60 minutes to complete.


Scenario-based activities.

Each activity is a simulated situation that a director could encounter in the boardroom, creating the opportunity for the user to apply concepts learned to real boardroom issues.


Feedback and scoring.

Answer feedback and course gamification keeps users engaged and working to beat a benchmark score. Users can download a certificate of completion when the course is completed to prove proficiency.